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[Lubricant commissioning test research]

First, the testing machine and research projects:

1, [four ball machine] - test lubricant extreme pressure performance (PB, PD, ZMZ) and anti-wear performance D value.

2. [Tapered Roller Bearing Shear Tester KRL] - Tests the viscosity shear stability of lubricating oil.

3. [Drilling/Tapping Dual Function Test Machine] - Test the lubricity of the processing fluid.

Second, the number of samples:

1, four ball test: PB, PD, long grinding D value, each need 100ml; ZMZ (including PB, PD) need 300ml.

2, KRL test: viscosity shear stability, need 100ml.

3, tapping test: processing fluid lubricity, need 50ml.

Third, contact:

1. Chen Dongyi 13306004000;

2, Wang Jun 13400743558.

Fourth, the address of the recipient:

Xiamen Tianji Automation Co., Ltd., East 2nd Floor, Guangye Building, Torch Park, Torch High-tech Zone, Xiamen