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KRL Tapered Roller Bearing Shear Tester


KRL Tapered Roller Bearing Shear Tester


● Using a tapered roller bearing test machine, under the test conditions similar to the gearbox, the lubricating oil is subjected to mechanical shear stress, resulting in permanent viscosity loss, and according to the rate of decline of kinematic viscosity before and after the test lubricant test. Indicates the viscosity shear stability of the lubricating oil.

● Test method

◇ NB/SH/T 0845-2010

Determination of viscosity and shear stability of transmission lubricants - Tapered roller bearing test method

◇ CEC L-45-A-99

Viscosity Shear Stability of Transmission Lubricants

DIN DIN 51350-6

Testing of the Shell four-ball tester - Part 6: Determination of shear stability of lubricating oils containing polymers